Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Computer Build..

I would like to build a computer that will be able to video/graphics editing. I was wondering what specs I should aim for. Any recommendations on, 

  • Processor
  • SSD or HDD
  • Ram
  • Graphics card
  • Power Supply
Also Newegg or Amazon?


  1. I would go for a i5 or i7 nowadays. Go for a Quadcore if you have a budget but the i-series is more futureproof.

    If you have too much money, go for SSD. put your OS on the SSD and buy an extra hdd for fiel storage.

    HDD's are cheap nowadays, so buy a few (western Digital is more expensive but they are quality HDD's) and set them in raid.

    For the ram, go for DDR3, DDR2 are cheap but it DDR3 is more future proof.

    GPU: Normally I would say Nvidia, but ATI has made some gooed price/performance GPU's. Go for a 4000 Series.

    Powersupply, go for a PSU that can handle your PC (atleast 500W).

  2. I7, I have the Nvidia GTX 480 video card its smokin. Go for a 64bit os with 8gig or more of DDR3 ram. SSD is overrated, save money and get a hdd. 1000 watt PS

  3. Everyone will tell you newegg for sure. And everyone is right. Base your decisions off the majority of newegg reviews, but dont read TOO much into them.

  4. Go for SSD in raid0 for a confident data storage.

  5. I agree with Flippy. Go on newegg and base your decisions off of reviews on there. That's what I'd do.

  6. SSD really isn't overrated at all. Get a 100GB SSD and a 2TB HDD and you're sorted. Believe me when I say the SSD makes all the difference.

  7. i7, no compromise.
    and get at least one SSD for OS, this makes booting much faster.

  8. a good question..don't know about atx though

  9. get a primary SSD for your OS and a normal HD for data

  10. i just put an SSD in my computer (check my blog for review). it is great. it will help more than expensive ram or cpu will.

    i would recommend around a 60gb (larger if you have lots of games) ssd for you OS drive and then a large storage drive like a western digital 2tb drive. would be very good.

  11. buy your stuff @ your nearby computer shop
    also depate about the price
    10% less would be best

  12. I cant really help but im curious what you come up with

  13. i5
    ssd are 3 times faster btu 4 times more expensive and 4 times less capacity
    a decent ati 200$range
    this setup is neither expensive or cheap

  14. I am also a nerd. Hi!

  15. I don't know a lot about hardware, but in terms of video editing, I've been using Vegas Pro and it is pretty great.

  16. I'm throwing my hat in with the NewEgg and read-the-reviews people. Definitely the way to go.

  17. Newegg is a good place, as is tigerdirect. I'm running a dual core each at 1.8ghz. it gets me where I need to... I play most of my games on minimum specs. Sad, I know.